What a Strategy! We went through a really interesting process with Zonaehome, the perfect combination of quality organic content and paid social media advertisement. The challenge was to express and communicate through their Instagram the same brand experience people were having when visiting their showroom. A brand full of personality and great taste. Once the storytelling was developed we created an Instagram Ads plan which allowed them to expand their reach and sales countrywide.


Solution: Social Media

Work: Instagram Strategy


B The Click is my little angel on Instagram, I highly recommend their strategy, it helped me to be clear about what content my audience is interested in because even though we know what to talk about, they give you all the tools to create valuable content, emotional connection, and fun. I loved working with you girls, your professionalism, love, and dedication in each project are unique, I hope to continue working and growing hand in hand with you.

Naty Paerez, CEO @elsecretodelamor