We went through an interesting process with Sierra, the perfect combination of quality organic content and paid social media advertisement. The challenge was to express and communicate through their Instagram the same brand experience people were having when visiting their showroom. A brand full of personality and great taste. Once the storytelling was developed, we created an Instagram Ads plan which allowed them to expand their reach and sales countrywide.

Client: SIERRA

Solution: Ads Strategy




Sierra recognizes the importance of being active on social media they want to build their own community, but at the same time, they were tired of posting by improvising, they don’t know what to post and when to do it. And more than anything, they want to generate sales through e-commerce, but they didn’t achieve it.

What We Achieved

Our successful marketing strategy involved a professional photoshoot, creative content creation, and a targeted ads approach. The photoshoot captured visually stunning images that perfectly represented our brand. Strategic content creation resulted in compelling stories that resonated with our audience, building a strong brand connection. Our Instagram strategy, with consistent posting and engaging interactions, fostered a loyal community. The ads strategy, targeting specific demographics, drove traffic to our website and social media. The outcome surpassed our goals in brand awareness, customer engagement, and conversions, contributing significantly to our overall success and growth.