What a Strategy! We went through a really interesting process with ZonaE Home, the perfect combination of quality organic content and paid social media advertisement. The challenge was to express and communicate through their Instagram the same brand experience people were having when visiting their showroom. A brand full of personality and great taste. Once the storytelling was developed we created an Instagram Ads plan which allowed them to expand their reach and sales countrywide.


Solution: Ads Strategy

Work: Instagram Strategy - Facebook ADS


My name is Mary and I have had the opportunity to work with B-The Clic for 6 months, Let’s say my experience and skills in the digital world were not the most powerful, so I had a bit of uncertainty with my tasks. My boss, scheduled a meeting with B The Click to introduce me to The Digital Marketing strategy they had created, and literally my life changed, the vision of the content, the way to talk to my audience, the technical knowledge and tactical strategies, they facilitated me and They optimized the work and the way I move in this environment.

Mary, Community Manager @zonaellanogrande